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Prize Bond Schedule 2021

Prize Bond Schedule

Prize Bond Schedule 2021– National Savings Pakistan Prize Bonds Schedule for year 2021 starts from 01 January, 2021 till 15 December, 2021. According to the Prize Bond Schedule, the Prize Bond Draw is held in different cities of Pakistan.

The prize bond schedule of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 premium respectively can be found online on GulfamBlog.

Here you can check the updated Prize bonds Draw schedule 2021.

Prize Bond Schedule 2021

PrizebondDraw No.Draw DateDayCityCheck Result
Rs. 15,000/-854 January, 2021FridayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 750/-8515 January, 2021FridayHyderabad
Rs. 7,500/-851 February, 2021MondayLahore
Rs. 25,000/-361 February, 2021MondayN/A
Rs. 1,500/-8515 February, 2021MondayQuettaCheck Result
Rs. 100/-3315 February, 2021MondayKarachi
Rs. 40,000/-1610 March, 2021WednesdayRawalpindi
Rs. 200/-8515 March, 2021MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 15,000/-861 April, 2021ThursdayHyderabad
Rs. 750/-8615 April, 2021ThursdayQuetta
Rs. 7,500/-863 May, 2021MondayRawalpindi
Rs. 25,000/-373 May, 2021MondayN/A
Rs. 100/-3417 May, 2021MondayMultan
Rs. 1,500/-8617 May, 2021MondayKarachi
Rs. 40,000/-1710 June, 2021ThursdayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 200/-8615 June, 2021TuesdayPeshawar
Rs. 15,000/-872 July, 2021FridayQuetta
Rs. 750/-8715 July, 2021ThursdayLahore
Rs. 25,000/-382 August, 2021MondayN/A
Rs. 7,500/-872 August, 2021MondayKarachi
Rs. 100/-3516 August, 2021MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 1,500/-8716 August, 2021MondayMultan
Rs. 40,000/-1810 September, 2021FridayPeshawar
Rs. 200/-8715 September, 2021WednesdayMuzaffarabad
Rs. 15,000/-881 October, 2021FridayKarachi
Rs. 750/-8815 October, 2021FridayRawalpindi
Rs. 25,000/-391 October, 2021FridayN/A
Rs. 7,500/-881 November, 2021MondayMultan
Rs. 1,500/-8815 November, 2021MondayFaisalabad
Rs. 100/-3615 November, 2021MondayPeshawar
Rs. 40,000/-1910 December, 2021FridayLahore
Rs. 200/-8815 December, 2021WednesdayHyderabad

The government has introduced this prize bond scheme for common people of the society, interested or involve people can get all the information about their prize bond.

Many say there is no Chance to progress and that no man can turn into a rich individual short-term. They say it wrong. An individual can get rich expedite and consent to the lift of accomplishment with the Prize bond. However, no man on earth can become wise enough to learn how to sustain his newly rich bank account overnight. That is why luck is not sufficed, skills must walk along. Participating in the prize bond scheme is a lawful method to invest mindfully, safely and have chance a chance to win prized money in shortest span of time.

Prize bond scheme play hard as a premium chance to fulfill one’s dreams and desired fortune. They make one win a truly massive amount of money prize which can make him/her rich in a matter of minutes.

Are you willing to earn money overnight? If yes, then Prize Bond is the best way to do so. All you need is the knowledge of sustaining your bank account after winning the lottery. Entering into Prize Bond is the only legal method to make money is a span as short as a minute and to change your fate.

How to Claim winning Prize Bond:

In order to claim the prize money on successfully winning the prize bond, the owner has to fill a form and submit along with photocopy of valid CNIC, original winning prize bond duly signed by applicant, and photo copy of the prize winning bond duly signed by the applicant. Further Detail Check National saving website

Prize Bonds are initially checked at field offices by the counter staff, in case of doubt, it is sent to PSPC. In case of huge prize money, the winning prize bonds worth one million and above are sent to PSPC.

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